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The Advantages of Aluminium seamless Gutter

The benefits of gutter guards are far reaching and can prevent you from having to tackle what could be a dangerous task. Even so, not everyone agrees gutter guards are worth the time, cost, and effort to have installed. As a result, most homeowners are left scratching their heads wondering,

2022 04-21
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Why use Aluminum shutters?

Aluminium shutters offer the same advantages of timber shutters, but without the problems associated with wood. Aluminium shutters tend to be more expensive than timber shutters, but if you are looking for a stylish, contemporary and long-lasting window treatment, it is worth looking at aluminium designs.

2022 04-20
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How to do a good anti-oxidation treatment for aluminum profiles

The process of physical or chemical treatment of the oxide film after anodizing aluminum alloy, reduce the porosity and adsorption capacity of the oxide film in order to seal the dye in the micropores and at the same time improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties of the film. The sealing of oxide film basically uses three processes, such as heat sealing, cold sealing and medium temperature sealing, but currently there is a trend of expanding medium temperature sealing.

2021 05-12


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