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How do you know about aluminum rails for solar panels?

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The aluminum rails for solar panels specially designed for solar installation. The material of the rail is generally aluminum alloy, high-quality material and meeting the standards of strength testing. Aluminum solar panels with stand extreme environments, including strong wind and strong snow loads. 

We provide guide rails of different materials to facilitate customers’ choices. It is very easy to use slide rails to create an installation system that fully meets the requirements of the specification. 

The rail provides innovatively designed silver and black anodized rails.  We provide a dual-axis adjustable aluminum rail structure to support the installation of solar panels in an easier way. 

 Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, which is the best solution for using rails in solar photovoltaic applications.

Our solar aluminum rail is a solar panel installation system designed and manufactured. With the help of customized aluminum profiles and components, the structure is simplified and the frame strength is improved, which greatly simplifies the installation of solar panels. Can be used more effectively and has a larger span.

The aluminum rail for mounting system is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy, and there are a variety of solar panel mounting rails for you to choose from.

1. Made of high-strength extruded aluminum;
2. Light weight, easy to transport and easy to install;
3. Accept customized solar panels to install aluminum rails;
4. The pre-installed component design greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and improves the convenience of installation;
5. The entire system is closely connected, effectively reducing additional accessories;

This aluminum solar rail mounting brackets design incorporates lightweight anodized aluminum components for maximum transportation and installation efficiency. The lightweight properties of aluminum rail use the basic laws of physics to create structural capabilities. The service life of the solar panel installed on it can be extended. All exposed aluminum is anodized to meet the module manufacturer’s specifications.


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