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Aluminum 6061 6063 Alloy Round Pipe Aluminum 6061 6063 Alloy Round Pipe
Aluminum 6061 6063 Alloy Round Pipe Aluminum 6061 6063 Alloy Round Pipe


Aluminum 6061 6063 Alloy Round Pipe

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High-Quality Round Aluminum Tubing


Extruded aluminum channels are often used for structural or architectural applications.

They are generally extruded in 6061,6063 and other alloys and are heat treated to maximize strength.

They are lightweight, recyclable, and corrosion-resistant.We strictly according to  ISO 9001 certificate to help you lower your costs while getting high quality.

Our team is on-site to monitor output providing great service and on-time delivery.

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A Grade Aluminum Materials

This aluminum alloy can be used for products that experience a high level of wear and tear, such as guttering or furniture with exposed corners. 

The increased strength also makes it the best option to use in situations where there are high levels of humidity because it has an improved corrosion resistance over other grades.

advance technology

Advanced  Technology

We have advanced fully automated production lines, powder coating line and anodized production lines.

Here, you can always find the right surface treatment you want.

Also Our production process conforms to the ISO9001 standard and get the Qualicoat already.

A part of aluminum  mold we have

Extruded aluminum channels are also used in framing, creating reveals and for protecting faces or edges of millwork.

Our extruded aluminum channels enhance any surface they are applied to and are easy to maintain, clean, and polish. They are the perfect addition to any design project.




Multiple Surface Treatment

All the aluminium extrusion profiles has a surface treatment or finish as you request. We have a lot of options for mill, anodized, powder coating, wood grain, electrophoresis, polishing and so on.

The most popular surface treatment are anodizing and powder coating, correct surface treatments of powder coating bronze/charcoal/white/black and anodized natural matt silver.


  Quality Control

 Ensures all delivered materials are as per purchased orders (furnished to QC by Sales upon ordering of materials), an actual physical count is conducted.

 Profile configurations are also checked against approved die drawings. General material descriptions are noted in this stage. Suppliers are advised of any shortfalls.


Hongming aluminium have the rich experience for the packaging for the aluminum profiles to protect the surface and to avoid the damage in the transportation.


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