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10 advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

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Broken bridge aluminum has good thermal insulation. The inner and outer frames of thermal insulation profiles are used to combine softly, and the frame adopts a three-sealing form of one rubber strip and two wool strips.

· 1. Broken bridge aluminum has good thermal insulation properties. The inner and outer frames are softly combined with heat-insulating profiles. The frame adopts a rubber strip and a triple-seal form of double tops. , heat insulation, heat preservation, excellent function, save a lot of heating and cooling costs, the heat transfer coefficient K value is tested below 2.23-2.94w/2K, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the energy saving cost of several years is enough to make up for the previous investment.

· 2. Broken bridge aluminum waterproof function. Using the principle of pressure balance, a structural drainage system is designed, the slope is designed to be stepped down, and the drainage port is set to ensure smooth drainage and good water tightness. Broken bridge aluminum opening forms are many, comfortable and durable. There are casement type, inclination type, top suspension type, push-pull type, casement and inclination and compound type, etc., suitable for public buildings, residential quarters and municipal engineering; high-quality hardware accessories are durable, the operating handle is user-friendly design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to open Flexible, every use action has been tested, the number of fatigue tests is more than tens of thousands, the sliding is easy and silent, the mature and perfect door and window processing technology, the high-precision program control processing center for production, the quality is stable and guaranteed.

· 3. Broken bridge aluminum prevents condensation and frost. The broken bridge aluminum profile can realize the three-layer sealing structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, successfully achieve equal pressure balance of gas and water, significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows, and achieve the effect of clean and bright windows.

· 4. Broken bridge aluminum anti-mosquito screen design. Invisible screen, which can be installed and used inside and outside, with anti-mosquito and flies, especially suitable for mosquito-rich areas in the north. 5. Broken bridge aluminum anti-theft and anti-loosening device. Equipped with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure the stability and safety of the window in use.

· 6. Broken bridge aluminum noise and sound insulation. The structure has been carefully designed and the seams are tight. According to the test results, the sound insulation of the air can reach 30-40db, which can ensure that the residents within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway are not disturbed by noise, and the adjacent downtown can also ensure that the interior is quiet and warm.

· 7. Broken bridge aluminum fireproof function. Aluminum alloy is a metal material and will not burn. Broken bridge aluminum green building materials, circular economy. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows not only do not produce harmful materials in the production process, but all materials can be recycled and reused. They are green building materials and environmentally friendly products, which are in line with the sustainable development of mankind.

· 8 Broken bridge aluminum. Sand and wind resistance. The inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, strong resistance to wind pressure deformation, and good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and civil residences, and can design a large-area window type with a large lighting area; the air-tightness of this window is better than that of any aluminum and plastic windows, and it can ensure that the indoor window sills and floors in areas with heavy sandstorms are dust-free.

· 9. Broken bridge aluminum has high strength and no shape, maintenance-free. The broken bridge aluminum window has high tensile and shear strength and thermal deformation resistance, and is strong and durable.

10. Broken bridge aluminum has a variety of colors, which is very decorative. It can achieve different colors of indoor and outdoor surfaces of doors and windows, meet customers' preference for color effect, aesthetic needs of color gamut space, and meet the individual design requirements of architects. The aluminum profile adopts a streamlined design, and the shape is luxurious.


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